Maternity Care

As a maternity nurse, I spend 8 to 10 days with a family (in their home) right after their new baby is born, ensuring that they know everything they need to know about breastfeeding, crying patterns, safety in the house, and general babycare.

When I leave, the parents have sufficient knowledge about babycare, have learned to trust their own instincts, and are confident enough to take care of their little one. They also know where to go for extra support and information when something comes up in the future. ( And if they don’t know, they call me for back up…)

The first days after the birth of a child are very special and life changing. I come to a family as an expert in babycare, but am also a guest in their home during this intimate time. After all these years, I still feel privileged when I take care of a new family. I have a very special job.


Klaartje Loose, meternity nurseMy name is Klaartje Loose. I am a maternity nurse in The Netherlands since 2002. We have an excellent maternity care service, fully covered by basic health insurance, for all mothers.

When it occured to me, by working with expat families in Holland, and by the experiences with friends who gave birth outside of the Netherlands,  that parents in other countries were lacking this kind of support, I decided to share my knowledge and expertise online, in English. This way I can reach more parents than with answering  individual mails, whats apps and phone calls.


Important: disclaimer

The advice and expertise on this page is in line with the latest research about baby care.  I make sure that I keep myself up to date, attending several workshops and symposiums every year, plus studying the specialist literature for maternity nurses.

However, not every situation is the same, not every baby reacts alike. General advice can never replace the consult of a pediatrician in a specific situation. Without knowing you and your circumstances, I can not take the responsibility for anything else than providing you with high quality generic knowledge.  Inform yourself, then make an informed and responsible choice concerning your little one, the way only a parent can do.

About the products I recommend:

The links in my articles are affiliate links, meaning that I earn a commission when you decide to purchase something via this site. I only put links to products that I truly recommend and personally work with. You won’t find endless lists of so-so products here, just some careful suggestions to help you choose the good stuff in this overwhelming supply of baby products.


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