Jul 032014

Most babies love water.  Not really surprising, it was their habitat for the first 9 months. Bath time doesn’t only wash away the acids of wet diapers from their bums and milk traces from their faces. It also helps them to relax.

don't leave your baby alone in the poolEvery baby is born with a couple of amazing reflexes that potentially makes him an excellent swimmer, right from the start. When you expose your baby to more than just bathing during the first months, and let her experience the joy of swimming all by herself, you will Continue reading »

Jun 052014

Is normal soap enough?Listening to advertisers of cleaning and sanitation products, you might come to believe that the world is a very dangerous and dirty place, full of agressive bacteria waiting to attack your, and your baby’s, health.

While expecting a baby, our existing fear of infection is carefully fed by manufacturers of antibacterial soap and hand gel.

Of course it is important to practise hygiene while taking care of your Continue reading »

Apr 032014

sistersPlus other good reasons to never let your toddler alone with your newborn, not even for 3 minutes…

When I close off the period of maternity care, I always have a conversation with the parents about safety in and around the house. Besides the obvious topics of the approachability of electrical equipment, hot beverages and cleaning products, if a couple already has an older child I also discuss the safety perils of brotherly and sisterly love.

At first the parents usually think that I am overly concerned about the behavior of their toddler. Sometimes they even see it as a sign of distrust, so they get a bit upset Continue reading »

Feb 062014

Trying to soothe a crying baby for several hours a day can wear you out. No matter how much you love your baby.

crying baby makes me desperateAll babies go through periods of time when they cry a lot, without obvious reason. This increased crying starts around 2 weeks and peaks around 2 months. On average, a baby of 2 months old cries for about 2,5 hours a day. Some babies even cry for more than 5 hours a day.  Most parents get really stressed and some even lose confidence in their parenting skills by this crying, especially when nothing seems to soothe or comfort their child. So, if you find yourself in despair, Continue reading »

Dec 312013

Why carrying your baby in a sling is a good idea.

crying baby - baby wearing

Being born is stressful for babies.

Imagine yourself, floating in warm water, hearing the heartbeat of your mother all the time. Never hungry, never cold, never alone.
Then you are born. Separated. You make your entrance in a noisy, busy, cold world. The light is so bright. You are suddenly hungry and alone. You start crying.
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