Oct 022014

take newborn outsideFew subjects cause so much controversy as the question when you are allowed to take your newborn outside. Not only do generations answer differently to this question, there are also huge cultural and religious differences.

Traveling through Vietnam, I hardly saw any newborn baby, while there were lots of 6 months old babies and toddlers on the streets. A conversation with my guide in Hanoi made me understand why I didn’t see them; the first 2 months of Continue reading »

Mar 062014


If your milk supply is plenty and you have to express milk to finger feed or cup feed your newborn, don’t express every few hours. Here is why;

Most moms who start pumping within 48 hours after giving birth do so, because their milk supply is insufficient and they need a little help to start producing lots of breast milk.

Some moms however, have plenty of milk right from the start. In most cases their babies only lose 3% of their birth weight and start gaining weight after the second Continue reading »