Sep 042014

don't chase away dadMost new moms have an advantage over first time dads; they already spent some time babysitting for neighbors and family to earn pocket money during their teenage years, so they know more or less how to handle a baby. The tinyness and fragility of a newborn freaks out every new parent, but changing diapers or helping a baby to burb is pretty much the same, whether they are 4 days or 4 months old.

Combine this with the fact that a mom-to-be feels her baby grow and move inside Continue reading »

May 012014

father takes care of his sonAnxiously, she is waiting for my verdict. She just told me, how terribly wrong things went last night.

Her three day old son cried and cried and she didn’t know what to do. Eventually she panicked and ran outside the bedroom, yelling at her husband that she couldn’t do this, so he better found a solution…

She is deeply ashamed about her reaction.  So she sits and waits until I label her as ‘unfit mother’ – she obviously thinks about herself as a very bad mom. Continue reading »

Feb 062014

Trying to soothe a crying baby for several hours a day can wear you out. No matter how much you love your baby.

crying baby makes me desperateAll babies go through periods of time when they cry a lot, without obvious reason. This increased crying starts around 2 weeks and peaks around 2 months. On average, a baby of 2 months old cries for about 2,5 hours a day. Some babies even cry for more than 5 hours a day.  Most parents get really stressed and some even lose confidence in their parenting skills by this crying, especially when nothing seems to soothe or comfort their child. So, if you find yourself in despair, Continue reading »